Summer 2019

Get better benefits and better care

There’s an easy way to get better benefits and better care — it’s a simple choice between good and better.

Moda Health plans offer both coordinated care and non-coordinated care options. Under non-coordinated care, your regular PCP helps you with all of your general care. While this is good, choosing coordinated care allows you to pick a PCP 360 for better care that’s centered on you. A PCP 360 has agreed to be accountable for your health.

A PCP 360 works with you, your providers and Moda Health to:

With a PCP 360, you’ll never be left alone wondering what to do.

Watch PCP 360 video

While you’ll pay the same for either health plan, you get additional benefits with a PCP 360, including:

Choosing a PCP 360

When you become an active member of coordinated care, follow these easy steps to pick a PCP 360. You can choose or update your PCP 360 at any time.

You work hard to support the people of Oregon, and you deserve a health plan that does the same. That’s why Moda Health will continue to support the values of educators and all public employees.


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