Summer 2019

Moda Health has deep roots supporting educators and all public employees

Before the 1950’s there was no such thing as dental insurance. Medical insurance had been around in various forms for over 100 years, but people only went to the dentist when they had a severe toothache, and then they had to pay out-of-pocket.

That was unacceptable to ILWU members working in Oregon’s shipping industry. They wanted dental coverage for their children, so in 1955, they asked the Oregon Dental Association to start the first ever dental benefit plan in the state.

That’s how Oregon Dental Service (ODS) was born. We added medical coverage, and later changed our company’s name to Moda Health, but our commitment to public employees remains the same.

Here are some of the highlights of our partnership supporting public employee values:

You work hard to support the people of Oregon, and you deserve a health plan that does the same. That’s why we will continue to support the values of educators and all public employees.


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